Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this very angry edition of TCTA:

Shaun speaks about his tard family members and friends who have gone out and gotten the jab (they are no longer considered family)

People who use their job as an excuse for getting jabbed are morons because you can’t work if you drop dead from the clot shot

Shaun talks about naughty things that will no doubt bring in the love emails from female listeners

Shaun names his brother Brian the Cunt of The Week for getting the jab and rants about how disappointed and angry he is at Brian for making such a bad decision

Shaun talks about cutting the wheat from the chaff

JB requests a fight back song from Aussie band Red Gum (

Shaun gets a video sent to him showing several Irish men standing up and using the law to protest against jabbing children

Shaun plays the Dumb Song to lighten the mood


By surplus

6 thoughts on “2021-10-10 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus”
  1. Totally agree. Seriously if you are that dead in the head to get this fake shit shot into your body is unreal. I also have family members that have taken this shit, and I am totally dispappointed that they fall for this kike trash I dont understand how we have become so divided. i wil never submit to the kike.,

  2. One more thing check out latest post about his fake scamdemic dogshit. This is all orchestrated and executed by the corrupted j government.

  3. There have been people who have taken microcopic images of the “vaccine” and found these geometric structures in it, like these programmable crystalline things. In my opinion I am disappointed in my people for being such a bunch of docile cretins. What the fuck Yes Trent Rosner is a j, sorry to have to lay it down but he is a typical kike, as all of them are. It s all part of the plan. The crime of our people is self betrayal.

    1. Yeah man, I just can’t believe it. All of these so called BRAVE people and they bow down to the mask and the jab in a heart beats notice. To think, I will never speak with my siblings again. And isn’t it awful for me to think ‘I’m glad Mum died when she did, so she doesn’t have to put up with this bullshit’.

  4. My family and relatives tried to, and still on occasion pressure me to get the jab but I keep telling them no way. Then they ask me why I don’t want it I reply when I see you all drop dead then I will inherit everything!!! You should see the dirty looks on their faces.

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