Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Fuck Daylight Savings… Fuck THAT!
  • You’re a Sys – Stem – You cannot control us…
  • We have been pushed into a corner
  • All around the world there are protests
  • We are rising!!!
  • The Elderly have been very responsive
  • Pepper Spray is worse than any flu!
  • Fuck YOU those of you that claim to be protecting us!
  • How am I putting you at risk if the vaccine you took, is so secure????????????? Cock sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • “You Stupid Fucking Cunts!”
  • The flu is aerosol and the wuss bag tattooed big beefed guys are petrified of sneezing….
  • Big Dog, Vs, Little Dog
  • A pandemic would fill the hallways of hospitals but they are not
  • Deli Boy (around 60 years old) in Coles tries rubbing Shaun’s arse in dramatics but it didn’t work
  • Audio: Pull My Finger
  • Audio: I spoke about being an Asthmatic battling Flu
  • The people in the masks are the ones are the ones doing the coughing
  • Leech’s will become God
  • I have no pity for the morons
  • No education – “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?”
  • Audio: Fucking Idiot’s Deluxe
  • Jan Anjews gets the Cunt Of The Week Award and needs to be metaphorically raped by Bubba the Bull
  • Too many idiots on this playing field (Fuck Tardians)
  • Mind your FUCKING business !!!
  • Construction workers ‘accused’ of bad behaviours but anybody can dress up as a construction worker
  • Beware the cowardly infiltrators !!!
  • The Booger Segment will scare the Ladies away temporarily
  • Throughout this discourse, get out and just enjoy yourself as much as you can
  • WE OWN THEM !!!!
  • Audio: Second hand mask
  • “You can’t cure stupid!”
  • The (((powers that be))) are shutting down comments sections on forums and places like the Daily Fail
  • The people at the top of the proverbial pyramid will be dealt with swiftly, sooner than they think
  • The time for politicians has passed
  • Shaun rages out – Of course Shaun is an angry person because of STUPID FUCKING MORONS
  • The dudes at the local pub are sick to death of the dumb fuckery and are glad they don’t have to wear masks to play darts

And much more as usual…

Enjoy the show…


By surplus

One thought on “2021-10-03 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus”
  1. Fucking great rant Shaun! You demonstrated exactly how many are feeling AND vocalising in Oz! Will you be doing a short special on the Berejiklian (and associated disgraced criminals) story or including that in the next show? Quite big news which everyone fighting these jew scum should exploit to the fullest when dealing with family & friends who still believe this utter BULLSHIT “covid” scam.

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