Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Shaun speaks on the Construction Workers Revolt that the lamestream (mainstream) media refuses to touch upon and also lists the original video for your viewing pleasure. He also extracts the audio and adds that as well, should it go missing mysteriously from bitchute.



By surplus

4 thoughts on “Shaun Speaks On the Construction Workers Revolt – 2021-09-21”
  1. i gotta disagree with you on that “if they were born here” remark, a dog born in a stable dont make it a horse, australia always was and always will be a white nation, white australia now!! otherwise good stuff mate. 🙂 cops, medics, legals and pollys are all “oath breakers”

    1. Mate we have to be realistic. I’m not saying it “makes them white” to be born here. But they are born here. It’s the parents fault and the kid knows no different. If I was born in China, I might not look like one of them and have the dumb fuckery of one of them, (low intelligence) but I was born there and growing up there would be all I know.

      1. the thing is if we see those non whites as aussies we lose the notion of a white australia or any white nation forever. remember they are so many here now they will breed us out of existence in just a few generations, and this goes for all white nations. i understand your pragmatism and sympathies with those non white born here and this country could accommodate some BUT not as citizens. we must stand firm on ethno states for all the races or die in a mongrel mixed race world. id even send the abbos back to southern india too.

        1. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with what you have said. You’re making all the sense in the world, but we have to deal with the root of the problem and then create an education,and even a law that says they can no longer breed (have sex included) with us. But what I’m getting at, is you have to start by ripping the jew-boy out of the garden by it’s roots. Because at the moment JB, the damage has already been done and it is SO done that it’s going to take getting rid of that root problem to reeducate and stop more of them coming in. Those that were born here, either mate with their own or fuck off in the meantime and then we will take the next step, being sending them to the countries their parents came from. We do this one step at a time, being realistic during that. If you think for a moment it’s as easy just kicking them all out, (like see ya later – kick) you’re not being realistic in my honest opinion. They ain’t going to just up and leave and China probably won’t have them back after they’d left. It’s a communist dictatorship over there and their government see’s that kind of shit as being a traitor.

          There is also that aspect to where the government just won’t have them back so that they DO take over this country. Sending them back is going to be a hell of a task Mate.

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