Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed Shaun Surplus & Giuseppe Vafunculo speak about:

Mallificus’s depature from being his co-host (Mal will still join Shaun as a guest on TCTA sometimes when he can)

Guiseppe from The Perfect Triangle joins Shaun to speak about more koveeed and jab bullshit

Shaun reads an article from the Daily Fail: Apparently KOVEED is going to hunt us down now! Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaun and Guiseppe discuss today’s idiocracy and the dumbed down population lining up for their shots (why do so many people still believe the bullshit?)

Guiseppe names living glory hole fake president Joe Biden as the Cunt of The Week; Shaun names game creator Rockstar as Cunt of the Week for programming his horse to keep shitting in his face

Guiseppe brings up how a TV station run an ad looking for pro vaxx stories got bombarded with stories of people whose family members and friends have been injured or killed from the jab (

Shaun says to get out and enjoy life, stop listening to the mainstream fear-based media crap

Guiseppe points out the importance of taking care of ourselves and eating clean, healthy food


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