Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this watery edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, the Lads speak about:

John Percent joins Mallificus and Shaun to discuss chemtrails, koveeed, and a number of other subjects

Shaun gets high on coffee beans

Mal and John discuss sticking things up Shaun’s butt (to keep him awake mind you! No homo)

Mal and John name the COTW (cunt of the week). John nominates Pete Pistone. Mal nominates Arin Parsa for starting Teens For Vaccines

Shaun plays a commercial from Teens For Vaccines encouraging kids to get the jab

John Percent points out that the reason they want to shut everyone down is because WE ARE WINNING! (protests around the world prove this)

The “Silent Protests” in Australia have been blacked out by all media so the public won’t see just how much pushback against the NWO there really is

Mallificus battles to get a word in edgewise as he is sandwiched between TWO Chatty Cathies named Shaun Surplus and John Percent

Shaun and John Percent are hopeful that enough people WILL stop this evil agenda

Shaun and Mal debate over whether or not people will actually rise up

I love you Shaunie. Don’t let the bullshit of the world get you down too much. Play some more RDR2 <—— That was Mallificus that wrote that because he’s such a Gay Lord with a capital Gay. (Joke, it was Maidz that wrote it, not Mal, but Mal WISHES it was him that wrote it – Hmmmmmpfffffff GAYLORD!)


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