Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company Three’s allowed, Shaun and Mallificus speak about:

  • Graham Hart kidnapped by law enforcement for speaking and singing (Your mouth is now deemed deadly)
  • Jealousy is a fact and to deny that in oneself is to deny what makes our monogamy thrive (leads to procreation)
  • Shaun has a bingle on the rail trail and ends up worse for wear – Gloves are a better investment than a bicycle helmet
  • Mal’s wife got pissed and fell over and she will be even more pissed when she hears that Mal spoke about it here LOL
  • Shaun tries robbing Mallificus of ‘Cunt of the Week’ but Mal sets Shaun straight
  • Shaun’s phone sings a vaccination song after he asks it to sing him a song
  • Article: Success for CAA as Hitler-loving radio host who called for jews to be murdered and asked listeners for a gun sentenced to 16 months in prison
  • Shelley Tasker surprises us and joins us on the 2nd and 3rd hour
  • Article: Cornwall radio host, 69, jailed for anti-Semitic broadcasting – BBC News
  • Article: Cornwall radio host and singer Graham Hart jailed for spouting anti-Semitic hatred – Cornwall Live
  • Double standards that come from the mainstream media – You can insult Christians but don’t DARE insult a jew
  • Prepared to go to prison – Can work in our favour – Mixed feelings
  • Shield Maiden makes a great statement in Skype behind the scenes
  • Coles dumb-fuckery – Masks or no masks… Which is it you fucking idiots?
  • No Covid in the Wangaratta Hospital at all – Nurse speaks to Shaun
  • Mallificus’ Mum Email to Shaun – Some very important points made
  • Shaun plays some audio that was recorded by John Percent behind the scenes (Some good news)
  • Audio: Don’t sniff petrol from a can – Abbo’s and their shenanigans

And much more as usual…


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