Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

On this edition of the Brizer show, Brizer Mal & Shaun speak about:

  • Shaun’s Daughter shakes her head at the douche baggery going on with this covid nonsense
  • Do you know anybody that has taken the jab and have they been injured or even killed
  • Mal speaks about people that have died that he knows personally because of the vaccination
  • Shaun knows people around the world that had covid and they survived no problem
  • TV’s need to be turned off in restaurants because people are sick of hearing about hoaxvid
  • Do we have some empathy and/or sympathy for people that aren’t acting or do we not
  • We are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to waking people up
  • Mallificus brings up a great point about the jab for night clubbing and Shaun speaks on it
  • Farting is going to spread covid – Run for the hills and stay away from cows
  • Dr. David Evans runs and speaks to Global warming
  • Shaun is wearing his Hidden Government T-Shirt – You can purchase a copy of the book here

And much more as usual…


By surplus

3 thoughts on “2021-07-27 Edition of The Brizer Show w/ Brizer and Guests Mallificus & Shaun”
  1. “Shaun knows people around the world that had covid and they survived no problem”


    Just FYI & to clarify, “covid” has still to this day NEVER been isolated in a lab so therefore there simply is NO “covid” & NO antibodies therefore NO “vaccine” hence the experimental gene therapy. This whole “covid” thing is BULLSHIT! “covid” DOES NOT exist. All this talk of “gain of function” etc is also hokey & unproven. What is provable is that “covid” has NEVER been isolated & all they have is computer modelling that was done in place of proper isolation. When talking about this subject with anyone I ALWAYS use the prefix “FAKE” before the word “covid”. “Non-existant” is also good. Anyone who tries to debate me I simply say “please provide the name & location of the lab where “covid” (always in inverted commas) was isolated & the full names & credentials of the team who isolated it. To this day nobody has provided me with those details. This can only lead to one conclusion – “COVID” DOES NOT EXIST!

    To add to that the PCR test was never designed to diagnose viral infections as Cary Mullis, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning designer of the test, clearly told us. I’m sure you probably already know this. Therefore even IF “covid” existed, which it clearly does not, they have been using a test for it that CANNOT be used to identify it in the patient. Conclusion: a test that CANNOT be used to diagnose viral infections was used to diagnose a viral infection that DOES NOT EXIST! In the words of George Carlin “It’s all BULLSHIT folks & it’s bad for you!”

    Thanks for you time 🙂

    1. Well stated, Randy.
      We do know all of what we are told are lies. right?
      Does infection even exist?
      Or is it an outfection from my body getting the shite out?
      Tell ’em, Tell ’em, and Tell ’em. I heard said t’other day.
      Tell ’em you’re going to tell ’em, Tell ’em, them Tell ’em that you’ve told ’em/
      Psst! it ain’t just covid, it is 100+ plus years of flu, influence of electricity and magnetism on the electric human body.
      Pills and potions, but placebos have a better result.
      It would be side-splitting hilarious if it were not so feckin sad.

      1. If placebo effect is true and has a causal effect, the the opposite is also true: that we can also manifest illness. I hazard a guess that this is true.

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