Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
  • How people go to near on sticking their dick up your ass once Covid restrictions are decreased
  • The Daily Fail contradicts itself on Covid as usual
  • Shaun is ready to open up a can of whoop ass on sheep tards who scowl at his daughter for not wearing a mask
  • Shield Maiden reminds Shaun behind the scenes that he needs to remove the commercial for Blackbird 9 because sadly, Spreaker shoah’d our buddy BB (what would Shaun do without his amazing, stunningly gorgeous secretary?!)
  • Shaun names Gertjan Zwiggelaar the cunt of the week (people have to have better reading comprehension skills and actually READ what is written so there is no confusion)
  • Shaun and Mallificus get into a discussion regarding the differences between music when it comes to different races
  • The importance of keeping the races separate so that the culture of those races will not be erased
  • JB and WindMiller chime in with their cunts of the week and Shaun mistakenly believes he was nominated, though it’s agreed by many he deserves it – > Shaun’s pouty face 🙁
  • Shaun discusses hunting for one’s own food, including the necessary brutal killing of bunnies
  • Shaun reads out some comments from listeners
  • Shaun debates with both JB and Mallificus on whether he should jump ship in Oz and come to America since we still have the 2nd amendment

Thanks to the Beautiful Shield Maiden for taking notes during the show.

And much more as usual!

Shaun was thinking of Dr. David Evans when it comes to the Rocket Scientist in Australia


A big Happy Birthday to Mallificus’ Mum!


56 Minutes worth of Happy Birthday tunes for Mum!

By surplus

5 thoughts on “2021-07-25 Edition of TCTA w/ Mallificus & Shaun”
    1. Sorry about that Randy, I accidentally posted the page as the download button. My bad. I’ve since repaired it. Stay cool man and thanks for the alerting me to that and your comments.

  1. Also, I viewed a webpage recently that listed every cunt who has called out “anti-vaxxers” but then went on to take the shot & die. It was a huge list with pics of the cunts, tweets & comments they made before they karked it! Very good stuff to show your “pro-vaxx” sheep when they start telling you “oh this one guy who said covid doesn’t exist died of covid because see this BBC online article said so!”.

    I now can’t find a link to that site so if someone else knows of it or something similar I;d love to get it, thanks.

      1. Here’s one. You have to keep hitting the “Load More” button at the bottom of the page to see more – https://thecovidblog.com/category/vaccine-deaths/
        I love reading all the comments on the pages for the ones who call out “non-vaxxers” then get the shot & die! True Darwin Award stuff right there!
        I’ve seen another one around where ALL the deaths are shown on one continually scrolling page & it’s a better one to send to “believers”. That might be the one Randy saw also.

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