Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this edtion of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, the lads speak about:

  • Contracts – Signing a piece of paper VS a firm handshake keeping a meeting of the eye
  • Moment convoy of trucks and tradie vans block the Sydney Harbour Bridge _ Daily Mail Online
  • Australian PM Says He Didn’t Soil His Pants at McDonald’s
  • Smaller penis, early menopause and inability to cry… long Covid has more than 200 symptoms, docs find
  • Audio: Steven Seagal speaks on the bullshit when it comes to gun control
  • Taking away our weapons and the attempted theft of the 2nd amendment
  • Psychotropic drugs created to create the psycho in order to help the abolition of the 2nd amendment
  • Friends and Family – How far do we go before we realise, they just ain’t going to understand what is happening
  • Do the evil arse holes have to let you know what they are going to do before they do it
  • People around Australia want to see Dan Andrews suffer – Both the left and the right
  • Shaun needs to catch Covid or get the vaccine so that his big penis will shrink
  • “200 months” Shaun? Really? 2 months you moron! Get off the coffee dude!
  • We need to go back to community owned electricity – Get rid of the kike provoked companies
  • Biden the moron being installed shows what the States has become – But the UK and Australia are in the same boat
  • JAB (Jewish Allopethic Medicine)

And much more as usual…


By surplus

5 thoughts on “2021-07-18 Edition of TCTA w/ Mallificus, Shaun and Special Guest Giuseppe”
  1. What shits me is how absolutely little and shoddy the Cuntivid propaganda has been to convince the meat machines into this fear vortex. Its not even beyond schoolboy level how utterly basic and 50th rate this nonsense is. (((They))) must be laughing their tiny shredded dicks off at how easy it is to dupe the norms into this monkey circus, it saddens me.

    1. Doesn’t sadden me and nor should it you my Friend… It shows you who the monkeys are compared to those you should be sitting around the campfire with.

      1. Well shit me, that’s probably the most useful thing this “virus” has done LoL! Excellent outlook my good man, thank you, one does tend to sink into that ol’ lake of sorrow too often, thanks for throwing me that ring! Take care.

  2. Another thing I have to add is that this so called “gun problem”. Why do these people always bring up these fake school shootings as the central problem with guns? Because these fake shootings are used as a front to cover up the nigger problem regarding the stats on the apocalyptic rate of gun murders. The core problem with guns are the armed nigger hoods, and rampant low IQ woggats running rampant with access to weaponry that NOONE would ever want these monkeys to be near. The murder rate skyrocketing is not because of these jew fake, anti White propaganda school shootings; its the daily wog activity that is responsible for the murder stats. When it comes to parenting, look at the disaster that is the black community. That has to be the most derelict and stygian abyss of parenting, because they are basically non existent when it comes to raising children properly.

  3. Maleficus hit the nail for the UK about the Dunblaine massacre as the death knell for English gun possession. There were witnessess that said there were multiple shooters in that incident too, and the one in a rural village about the taxi driver.

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