Mon. Jul 26th, 2021

Shaun speaks about how the system has sold White Western Civilisation from under us.


By surplus

3 thoughts on “White Western Civilisation Has Been Sold”
  1. It was set up to do this. Post WW2 the bad guys have cemented their place in the minds of the m-asses.

  2. Same shit here, the energy scum are raising their prices here too by a fucking mile. This is the paradise that the “good guys” that won WW2 have given us!!

  3. It is pathetic how easily and quietly my alleged “fellow man” have submitted themselves. I never thought people were that stupid and gone. But they are. They are inveterate failures, that as you say have failed themselves and they are too weak and falsely egotistical about it to achieve any higher level of mind. I actually doubt that I am of the same species. I dont think I am. Prussia forever!

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