Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, the free thinkers speak about:

  • It’s become really hard to get housing at the moment – Scorpio & Shaun feel it
  • Giuseppe speaks about what Shaun calls the Beehive Effect (Apartments) and the Kikes forcing to you to rent
  • Asthmatic remedies and how you can dodge Salbutamol
  • Shaun says Thank You to the Lads for helping out on the show
  • People living next door to each other – If somebody farts you can smell it!
  • Sometimes we are better off in tents compared to flats
  • Le-Happy-Merchant and other breaks become more important as time goes on
  • Giuseppe speaks about how the common cold is weaponised against us
  • Argon Flu in the sector (X2 Threat Game) – Mallificus
  • Scorpio speaks about how the people being too stupid to know what is happening
  • Cunt of the week goes to John Shatshiller of RBN
  • Next cunt of the week goes to Oompa Loompa and Frankenstein
  • Normies, boosters & waking up and “the greater israhell”
  • Become Vocal Local – Become Local Taking to the Trees
  • Are you prepared to live in the wilderness?
  • Rices, Pastas, Prosciutto – Learn how to treat foods to preserve it

And much more as always!


Mallificus spoke of how Caucasians language comes from Latin. A question to the audience, what does this Latin sentence mean: Cogito Ergo Sum ….

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