Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

The title of the article speaks leaps and bounds doesn’t it? Have even more fun with the audio!


By surplus

3 thoughts on “Single Father, Mer Bailey & RBN’s John Stinkmiller”
  1. Stadtmiller is a Texas blow hard and that go’s for his Toady ass licker you know Mate it’s been said Texans are the lowest form of white man in the Land and that was Said by the their fellow Southern Folk ! he lobby’s for donations at the same time he runs commercials every 10 minutes on his network he is a low life look at the Layla from Canada he put on the Air another blowhard and callers wanted to talk about Jews she said on no; weir not going there ! the guy is a loser he can keep his network and shove it it up his Nose ..I dropped his entire net work after the death Rick Adams .. there is not a one person on there that’s not a cuck ! I like Mer Baily she always has info for the audience, web sites etc…. if Stadtmiller had an ounce of brain he would have gave Mer a show a long time ago , but he knew he could not intimidate her so he’s a bully and a coward on top of all of it ! :GF

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