Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Mallificus statement to me after the show:

Why apologise? Because believe it or not, I may be a cunt but I ain’t a total cunt! Still working for the cunt of the week though!

TCTA may well be about getting angry but it is not about me being your punchbag. You , at that point, should have either let me finish the point I was making before you jumped in, or asked me to clarify, otherwise it’s pointless because the point I was trying to make about the controlled opposition got completely lost. Instead the audience was treated to 20 minutes of two people not being able to have any kind of coherent discussion/debate. Having listened back I agree that Jimmy was right in saying it was painful to listen to. The “there is a connection between Giuseppe and Mikowitz” point, was completely immaterial compared to the importance and the scope of something much larger and given the chance, I would have put that part of my statements into perspective. It wasn’t and didn’t need to be the focus. This shit that is brewing up with the controlled opposition is clever and typically kikish and underhand, so exploring that and getting the listeners to understand that, was where I was going. So that being the case, I will tell you to calm down if I think you are being out of order or missing the point I am making or, as in this case, BOTH 🙂
People who care do that to/for each other eh ? Like the other week when you chewed out Andy because you flew off the handle without understanding his position, same again here. And just so you are aware I don’t know Fakewar other than from some insignificant exchanges in the chatroom. couldn’t tell you a thing about him/her but I wanted to address the connection they brought up purely because it not only exists but had been mentioned there and then. It in no way reflects on my respect for the work they do. I am not angry or butt hurt but I am still irritated somewhat at the fact that good points were lost because of an unnecessary exchange. As far as taking my leave goes… what do you think I am? a pussy bitch gaylord quitter ?? 🙂
Love you brother.


It turns out that Giuseppe will be joining us on the next show. The fact that Dr. Micovits was referred to as “kikeovits” as if she was a jew (she’s actually a devout Catholic) Giuseppe wants to set the record straight. Again, hence why I was angry at Mallificus that Giuseppe was not there to defend his connection with her and why.

Nonetheless, I should have let him finish.

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3 thoughts on “A Public Apology To Mallificus”
  1. There is no need to apologise brother. At the time you thought I was being disrespectful to the good man Giuseppe. Listening back, it’s abundantly clear that I wasn’t and I did try to clarify that at the time. I wanted to address the connection between himself and Dr Micovits he has openly talked about on his own shows, that had been brought up by a listener in the chatroom. I did so because ! wanted to make clear that I didn’t think that connection should in any way reflect on Giuseppe’s integrity and or the good work that he does. I did try to emphasise that point but by then you were of the train of thought that was somehow disrespecting him, I wasn’t. It is also obvious now, having listened back, that you were not previously aware of the connection between the good man Giuseppe and the Dr so I understand where some of the confusion lay.
    I was, however, rather disrespectful towards was Dr. Judy Micovits which I wholeheartedly accept. I did so because I am suspicious of her connections to this group: . I will reiterate now as I made clear at the time: It’s my theory, my thoughts my suspicions & my analysis I also said at the time that I was open to the fact that I may be wrong.

  2. Don’t worry Mallificus, there are plenty of us out here who hardly ever comment who have been suspicious of Micovits since Day 1 & there are many reasons! 😉 Controlled opposition is the by far BIGGEST problem non-MSM media & gullible/ignorant newbies & the general public faces.

    “To beat the opposition, we have to become the opposition.” – Lenin

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