Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, the lads speak about:

  • Shield Maiden and Shaun are engaged to be married
  • We need to fight for the good old days again
  • We here at WTFR want Chris to keep going – The world needs him
  • Chris feels he is being shouted over – He’s right! Those of us that give a shit are always fucked over
  • It takes one day for the lemmings to put their masks on again as soon as the Mainstream Medium Media scream fear porn
  • People may not listen live often but by God they download the shows – People listen to Chris, Giuseppe & Scorpio
  • The Cunts of the Week are great ones!!! There is some jewristriction involved!
  • Fractional Reserve Banking is rape in itself and people need to know that – rothschilds, morgans, rokerfelles
  • Close the door on peoples heads and have them drive off a cliff
  • What you’re a Lemming? Let me treat you like one!
  • Everything that lead to World War I – Problem Reaction Solution
  • Karl Marx knew exactly what was going on being the communist that he was
  • Automate yourself so you don’t have to put up with the NPC’s
  • Blackspoitation running rampant – No empathy – Knock it off
  • Divide and conquer is different between Whites and Blacks compared to Whites and Whites
  • Shaun talks over Mallificus as usual – It’s meant to happen
  • The art of War by Sun Tzu – We don’t have to fire a shot
  • The Hegelian Dialectic – Problem Reaction Solution
  • Culture VS. Race
  • The Tooth Fairy! Look out Christians!!!

And much more as usual….


The exact comment Shaun made on jewtube:

“This ain’t Sad Gloomy Jazz. It’s what I call Rainy Day Romance. It’s where you take your beautiful girl into your arms, caress the back of her 40’s dress she’s wearing and sway slowly to the music, whilst the rain trickles down the window panes of a 40’s L.A. apartment. Later pouring a red wine and settling down in front of an open log fire and falling to sleep on the bosom of the beautiful Lady. Ahhhhhh. Gone are the days.”

By surplus

2 thoughts on “2021-05-30 Edition of TCTA w/ Mallificus, Shaun & Special Guest Chris”
  1. The guy talking at 2:25:00 apologies I cant remember the name, talking about the Hitler and Hannover subject. Im stating myself to think that Hitler was a plant. Given the strange course of events during WorldWrestling 2 that dont seem to make sense (among the many of them). Check out the history of PRUSSIA, the people of Europe whose empire was the ENTIRE land mass of Europe and probably more: Kaiser Wilhelm II being the last Emperor. The so called Germans are not the original people of Europe, it was and is the Prussians.

  2. Chris was an excellent guest top tier thinking and information, with good wind things will work out and there will be a slot for a regular. The deception goes right to the bottom.

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