Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed Shaun and Mallificus speak about:

  • QR codes fuck people over all for track and trace reasons – Disgusting
  • Shaun speaks about the double dare song for good reason
  • The bicycle helmet theory goes along with the vaccine passport theory
  • No jab no job update from Mallificus – Mallificus tears them to pieces
  • Race comes before culture – Race is what forms a particular culture
  • “Culture is a byproduct of race” – Maine Rebel Wolf – 2021
  • Christian churches could have been behind harmonies in Africa
  • “There once was a jew named keith…”
  • Audio: Snippet from Andy Carrington Hitchcock’s show with Monika Schaefer
  • Throw the mainstream media out the window – TV or Radio MSM
  • Half casts have no choice – Shame on parents that split them in half
  • Blacks smell like shit and only they can say it
  • Smelly jews on aircraft’s – Mallificus reminds us of the article
  • Shaun and Mallificus speak about what could possibly be contrived
  • There could be something dodgy going on with the anti-vax alliance
  • Shaun asks Mallificus some questions about what is compromised

And much more as usual…


By surplus

2 thoughts on “2021-05-23 Edition of TCTA w/ Mallificus & Shaun”
  1. Jesus H Christ, have you seen this shit?! Theres a new historical drama in the UK based on Anne Boleyn one of the wives of Henry VIII cast as a goddamned swaggering, brash, salty negro sheboon: a she-gro. And none of the zombies here are up in arms about this screaming cultural mis-appropriation and mis-reperesentation of English history.

    1. They’re doing it everywhere man. From comic book characters to Wuthering Heights. Everything has to be a negro these days. It won’t be long before Kimba the White Lion will be black mofuggah! Un-fucking-real. But as you said, the most sickening part is that people are such pussies they don’t wave their arms in the air about it.

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