Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed the lads speak about:

  • Shaun speaks about people in the States still wearing masks and being themselves without them
  • Some people need to wear masks because they are a culture and race that is ugly as fuck
  • You had better adopt hate so that you can use it against the enemy
  • It’s OK to be racist and/or prejudice – It’s what preserves ones race
  • “Mrs. Margret” cops a hiding because she can’t prove us wrong
  • People have to learn what is happening for themselves – They need to wake up
  • Freedom of thought has been wiped out of the education system
  • Have certain networks been infiltrated and this is why they call you a hater?
  • Shaun offers Giuseppe over at Revolution Radio an apology
  • Mallificus’ Mother is the only person that has donated beer money
  • Network hosts scrounging for money by selling their shows
  • Mallificus takes the reigns of “The Cunt of the Cunting Week”
  • Eric Clapton explains why he should never have gone near “the needle”
  • Shaun calls idiot on those that have millions of dollars that get the jab
  • Audio: Kevin Trudeau speaks about people being programmed to be dumb
  • Jimmy joins in on the conversation and we speak about home schooling and such
  • Children have zero social skills these days because of Le-Happy Merchant
  • The ridiculous stories that come out of the jews when it comes to the holocaust
  • Audio: Microsoft daily pass presented with Disney’s molestation music

And much more as usual…


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