Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Mallificus & Shaun speak about:

  • Shaun was late to the show because his nap turned into a sleep
  • Live for the moment because tomorrow we croak
  • Doug Koeler & “The Hippies” have a song dedicated to them for being a part of the team
  • Get out and live as much as you can and do not allow anybody to tell you different including government and/or law
  • Print out as many alternatives networks and post them in letter boxes – Revolution Radio, RBN, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock etc
  • Colin Todd from Candour Magazines has made a come back and by God it’s a big Welcome
  • “I’m a heterosexual, I’m a heterosexual, I’m a heterosexual.” – Mallificus Sentius – 2021
  • Little Suzie copped a Baked Bean Can in the back of the head and the baby has to apologise – Abbo theory
  • People that you think are friends are often not so don’t remain hopeful for them to stick around
  • Crown Land Vs Land you can buy here in Australia
  • Post pack roller was needed to be explained to Mallificus – Slow minded Cornwellians
  • Mr. Nancaro will cop a hiding if he comes across Shaun down a dark alley
  • Mrs. Brewer did not want to have sex and scolds Shaun for knowing it
  • Miss. Bedgegood was BedGOOD indeed for a teenage boys mind – Nice boobs
  • Lighting up farts is not recommended for kids at home – Don’t do it!
  • Father Ted the racist – Be careful, he’s coming to get you!!!
  • Three Story Tree House – It’s not impossible and families are living in these
  • Intimacy and nature has been divorced and needs to be married again
  • The chatroom was alive and well during this show – Well done!
  • The Ten Commandments should have been hardwired against free will – Mallificus and Shaun debate this
  • The Bidet that spat water all over Shaun
  • JB lowered the show to it’s knees – Kermit will never be the same again

And much more as usual…


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