Mon. Jul 26th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Gertjan and Shaun speak about:

  • Mallificus was not with us today because he fell ill – (OMG! It HAS to be covid!!!)
  • Shaun plays the Harmonica (somewhat badly – It’s been a long time) for the people that lost their lives – Anzac Day
  • The risks of face masks and how everything is labeled Covid when people die
  • The British system and how automatons are created through curriculum
  • Tattoos and the cliche – Shaun has tattoos that can be covered as does Gertjan’s Son
  • You can deny as much as you want that there are no superiority’s and inferiority’s but you’re an idiot to think so
  • Some experiences cannot be explained – Gertjan discusses a couple of instances that makes him think deeply
  • The fun part of the show – The Cunt of the week
  • Music and books are some of the best art that people can have – Reading is an art in itself
  • The rewriting of religion, philosophy and history
  • Shaun has a beef with Michigan Goy in the chatroom
  • Stay away from using point cards if you are hoarding food for survival
  • Audio: The Most Offensive Conversation Ever
  • Yes, it was actually JP Shaun – I’m fucking offended you didn’t know that
  • A dirty filthy negro has his arse on the table where people eat
  • Don’t apologise for something you didn’t do – My kids did not kill abbo’s
  • Yeah, we are allllllllllllllllll equal
  • Gertjan and Shaun HATE kikes – And by God they have the right to say so

And much more as usual…


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4 thoughts on “2021-04-26 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun & Guest Gertjan”
  1. There was a time honoured Austrain tradition where a person born on a particular day/month not sure which, would take on a name relevant to that month. Im sure that stems from the European “pagan” traditions where names were given relating to time and place, long since gone.

  2. Was just reading the points and haven’t listened to the show but it made me think about making a new cult based on truth. Because everyone seems to go along with face masks injection slave taxes pretty easily. So I’m thinking somehow if we could tap into a way to use people’s biological drive to want to be part of a cult in a positive way based on truth. We could make it so the others are the conspiracy theorists so to speak, only because what our cult says is just common sense and right and true the people not part of it would just be crazy lunatics. Just a thought I had, will think about this more and listen to the show. Thanks Shaun.

    1. Yeah man, anytime. And well when you think about it, “the elite” are a cult in themselves, so why shouldn’t we have our own? But in retrospect, we kind of already are. We’re a cult of people that stand for the truth rather than the lies.

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