Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

** DISCLAIMER ** Shaun will put another show together to speak about articles he missed today over the next few days – 5 Hours was not enough!!! ** DISCLAIMER OVER AND OUT **

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Scorpio, Mallificus & Shaun speak about:

  • Shaun’s eyes and penis burn after cutting up some Bird’s Eye Chilli’s (Note the caps. One has to have respect for those little hot bastards)
  • Super glue and the Korean War – Stitching people up like a model aeroplane
  • Scam artists micro$oft try fucking Shaun over
  • Everything in moderation including shrooms
  • We are coming to a point where we need to defend our families and possibly at gun point
  • Scorpio points out that war has been declared on us
  • Audio: A letter to loved ones about the COVID-19 vaccine – Sir Lenny Henry NHS
  • Why would you change your name unless you’re guilty
  • Maidz fan destroys the immersion of the show – Totally ruined it for everyone
  • Rope therapy is needed when it comes to these satanic creatures
  • How safe are we around a bunch of people that condone niggerism and such – Mallificus and Shaun debate the idea of living in other countries temporarily to save some cash and become a part of Europe again
  • Bringing our white European communities together again
  • Scorpio’s show can be heard on Saturdays (Studio A) from 1-4 PM
  • Lightening the mood whilst speaking about serious subjects
  • Maidz farted and Shaun had to ground her – He is her rock to change that bad behaviour
  • You can live in different countries for a lot less but should you invade their space
  • Bus loads of 3rd world immigrants coming into all of White Western Civilisation
  • Mallificus speaks on acquiescence and how this is a huge part of our downfall
  • Getting out and living – Get the vitamins, minerals & Morale from life itself
  • Stack’em & Pack’em housing in the name of sustainable development
  • Audio: Planes dropping out of the sky due to cheap maintenance

Boomer aspects:

  • Back then there wasn’t as much diversity
  • It was easy to get a license
  • It was easy to get a job
  • Life in general was laid back because of the above
  • Pa spoke about how easy it was to get his train job
  • Living like kings in 3rd world countries compared to WC now
  • Inflation – But not inflation – Maidz Mom and my Pa said it doesn’t equal out – We have it tough
  • 2003 – Jack & Jean Finlay and their store

And much more as usual…


Scorpio’s show can be heard on Saturdays (Studio A) from 1-4 PM

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7 thoughts on “2021-04-18 Edition of TCTA w/ Scorpio, Mallificus & Shaun”
  1. What a hoot. I love your program Shaun. I love the humour. FIVE HOURS! Yikes. You really are on my wave. I am not into sound bytes. I now know where I first heard you was on Max Igan’s program. I am very much looking forward to doing a show with you. We are going to have a lot of fun together.

    1. Hey there Gertjan. I’ve never been on Igan’s program. From what I heard, he doesn’t like me at all. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. Can’t wait to do a show with you as well. Stay well man!

      1. Doesn’t matter where I saw you do a standing rant in your studio. I watch a lot of programs, so trying to remember where it was is not happening. No matter. Yeah, a show together will be fun.

  2. It’s also nice to hear my rope therapy now being used in other programs. Andy dropped me for saying that. LOL He is such a pansy.

  3. I was born at the end of 1950. I guess I am a pre boomer. By the time I was in my teens I began to wonder how was it possible for a nation which produced Beethoven and Goethe and such luminaries could mass murder any group. It made no sense and so I was already very prepared soil for when the real stories of the jewish world wars came my way it was no major change for me. Reading Douglas Read’s The Controversy of Zion totally corroborated my thinking on this topic which was further enhanced with readings into Marxism at grad school. By the time I was in my 40s I was already realizing that I am a racist and eventually by the time I reached my later 50s I was already telling people that I am a White Supremacist desiring to live in a White Only place. Eventually I also began referring to negroes as chimpanzee hybrids. Now that I am 70 I tell people that I am a White Supremacist and a racist and ask people to preface that with, Mister. I have a problem with Whites folding their tents as soon as some moron calls them racists or White Supremacists. I think a lot of people are intellectual cowards. The only way we Whites will be happy is to not share our space with those others, some of whom I think are not even human beings. We need some of our richer brothers and sisters to step up and purchase a mountain valley and evolve our own Galt’s Gulch were the others are not made welcome.

    1. The entire fallacy that Germany was either “going to war” or “preparing for war” was entirely a crafted myth of propaganda. When one examines the pre war situation in Germany, there is no hit of Germany ever putting any money or resources into any form of war whatsoever. All of their national efforts were CIVIL projects. Like the Tempelhof airport was made to be an INTERNATIONAL airport for CIVIL flights NOT MILITARY INSTALLATIONS, a strange fact is that the All-lies when they invaded Germany was the only time that a military use for that structure had happened.

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