Mon. Jul 26th, 2021
  • Alison Chabloz is imprisoned by a bunch of illegal criminals
  • A Rabbi gets in trouble for forcing underage children to marry
  • The possibility of vaccinations carrying a virus which will force the rest of us into small communities or underground to avoid getting sick
  • Shaun wonders where some 23 year old ho was when he was 23 getting him a digital bitch slap from Maidz
  • How Shaun and Mal love to drink on the show to let loose and keep the vibe relaxed
  • British singer Ian Brown refusing to play venues because he would have to get vaxxed
  • Small “appendages” being affected by climate change
  • Shaun’s daughter smacks down a little bitch on Instagram for defending child sexualization
  • Overexposed and Under-Prepared_ The Effects of Early Exposure to Sexual Content _ Psychology Today
  • Hasidic rabbi under investigation for ‘arranging underage marriages’ _ Daily Mail Online
  • Chris Whitty warns Britain will be vulnerable to Covid for another two years _ Daily Mail Online
  • Trans teen in legal action over gender clinic wait – BBC News
  • Puberty blockers_ Under-16s ‘unlikely to be able to give informed consent’ – BBC News
  • Human penises are ‘shrinking’ due to pollution, scientist warns – Daily Record


15 Million Embers – Unknown – All Rights Reserved


Little Seed Big Tree – Ian Brown – All Rights Reserved


By surplus

2 thoughts on “2021-04-04 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Mallificus Sentius”
  1. The holobonker is much more than just a victim card (which is a derivative tool) it is the basis of all international law, domestic and international governing institutions that form the fabric of out latter day (post WW2 lives, note that all of the things we have today especially technologically are all down to WW2!) politically: UN, NATO, Geneva Convention… All of these sham acts are all founded on the fake holobonker, the holobonker is the soil under our feet I am sad to say. You look at ALL laws, all of them converge on the holobonker lie. The reason they have to hang onto it should be pretty obvious by now: that if it loses its vacuum seal, then it collapsees along owth the kike, and #2 if people realise the antics of the holobonker lie, then everyone (White man really) will come and do it properly. Freedom of expression maintained.

    1. Yeah it’s all too true. Everything is based on protecting (((the lie))) … It sticks out like dogs balls for those of us that have half a brain.

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