Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

We apologise for the late posting of the show.

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed the lads speak about:

  • Intro: One In a Million by Guns’N’Roses
  • Shaun’s drunk disaster and dental pain
  • Bro, bruh & the Wigger Culture
  • Adrian calls in and speaks about: White boy’s Holy Grail is to be a black rapper, parents being afraid of bringing their kids up properly
  • Mallificus and his Mrs understand each other when it comes to vaccination & others should take an example
  • Voncurtis calls in and speaks about: Educating yourself and then Shaun goes on to question him on race and culture Vs education and also mentions Trivium
  • Try and prove a person right in any debate and when you can’t, you know they’re wrong
  • Cellulite boxing match – Cellulite Vs Shaun Surplus – In this corner weighing 5000 pounds, Cellulite!!! Yeah, you get the picture…
  • Shaun goes on to play a clip about Dan Andrews and his corruption
  • Educative is actually a fucking word

And much more…


By surplus

4 thoughts on “2021-03-07 Edition of TCTA w/ Mallificus & Shaun”
  1. One very distinct example of race and class is in India, where the darker and nigredo are considered lower class than the paler and fairer Indians. They are also richer than the darkies who mare mainly slum dwellers. The Indians are very rigid in theri class/race system and their names reflect that: they also have class specific names.

    Good shout to the caller on the Tri-vium (threefold way), he is correct in that this method was ONLY taught to the aristocracy as classical or private education, which is why you see a lot of 18th and 19th century mathematical, engineering, scientific and art/music attributes to upper class cunt-heads who took the credit but let the work be done by the “profane” “uneducated” masses. It was called the LIBERAL Arts, and the other work/labour related training was called the SERVILE Arts. This is another reason why you have no poetry, art, engineering discoveries, big scientific breakthroughs on account of the common man. It was a class restricted method of keeping intelligence and wealth in those “upper” classes. If I had all the time in the world to slouch around my country estate, sniffing apples, hitting gold balls at green houses, pondering the universe in a congenial environment not having to shit away 8 hours each day in a meaningless slave job, while some other cunts grind their cartillage on my behalf, IM SURE I could come up with grand theories. The bottom line is that the leisure class MUST HAVE a monkey class to do all the fuck work and grind. Someone has to make all this shit for them LoL it got to come from somewhere. This is the working class.
    Anyway going back to the Trivium, it is a definitive method on how to learn any subject you want. It has a process that is aligned with how the mind works in order to facilitate mastery of a subject.

  2. What you get in public education is a bastardized and reduced form of classical education ON PURPOSE. A lot of the information structure is mixed up and doesnt make sense unless you just look at it at face value and do not question it. If you begin to question the integrity of what you are being taught (like I did) you are in a world of shit. Just like religion, the “education” system is another garbage heap of tangled and confused nonsense that only figures if you just accept it all without any question and follow blindly and numbly the instructions. Public School is not for the thinking. Its for the ones who will just do what they are told and will never delve into the integrity and validity of the information they are being exposed to just like my other fuckhead commie peers. The whole point of public school is to teach you enough to press a button, but not enough to make you NOT have to do it!!! Its a form of mental/intellectual castration. Also another reason is that it makes you not question the utter dogshit you are exposed to in general life. To just believe and not have the intellectual faculty of analyzing the information you are being told by the media and His-Story.

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