Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun and Mallificus speak about:

  • Some people enjoy a few elements of lock-down
  • Adrian calls in during the first segment and discusses many things including (((extreme hate speech)))
  • We the people need to take the power back into our own hands
  • Audio: In full Rowan Atkinson on free speech
  • Shaun does a delayed Cunt of the Week
  • Relevant discourse is very important
  • People are like robots in masks so don’t look them in the eye
  • Puppet masters, media & then the media
  • The Free Masons and Assassins Creed
  • Gary the houso calls in and cusses about Mallificus
  • Life imitates art – Political Correctness gone mad
  • Shaun & Mallificus get into some good healthy debate about the possible semantics when it comes to terms such as, supremacy and later debate the, God free will dilemma

And much more as always!


By surplus

7 thoughts on “2021-02-28 Edition of TCTA w/ Mallificus & Shaun”
  1. Is a lightly clothed white houso working in the hot orchards considered to be the superior farmer. And what would their reaction be if they saw their landlord, accountant or lawer in that same orchards office being tan or black. Would they be shocked or indifferent. 🥋

    1. I’ll say this. Even a white houso is superior compared to that of a mud. Houso’s are actually quite witty and intelligent. I’ve known quite a few of them. They’ve just been bought up with the blunt end of the stick. This doesn’t mean they can’t be educated into rocket science, because they can. “Yet, across the gulf of space, (Sudan Darfur) minds immeasurably inferior to ours,” can’t even build water wells, after we have educated them to do so. As for tan or black skin in offices, there is a name for that, it’s called ‘affirmative action’.

  2. The term “nigger” is a slight modification of the Latin for black, which is niger. Latin was the language of the “elites” in their official business such as law, banking etc. It became a “bad word” through the way groids were referred to by their slave masters and (((merchants))) as virus niger or “black man”. Yes, virus means man, Latin is a very interesting language in its way of usage. For educational purposes allow me to refer you to this page for the full conjugation of this adjective Enjoy!

  3. Holy shit I had this conversation today, about this vaxine dogshit, where mothers now are WILLINGLY …. surrendering their newborn children to be shot up with some artificial filth with total concord and willingness…. What the fuck hope is there when mothers are giving over their own newborn children to be surgically tampered with by some alien substance, for the rest of us. This is really the LAST stand in any faith/credibility/reliability that can be invested in humanity when they will even sell out their own progeny. It breaks my heart and soul to have to say that there is no point at which people will oppose any edict put forward to them. There is no level at which can be reached where they will say “NO”. I am finding it more and more difficult to NOT get pissed of at the everyday plebian dumb, subserviant, self-deceiving-and-proud-of-it, fuckhead mass of shuffling meat automatons, dragging me into this anus of oblivion with them.

    1. Yeah you’re not wrong. This is a sick world we live in Skully. It has become poison. I think Mr. Irving put it best when he was talking about the jews being killed on such mass without people noticing the amount of bodies. He said that there would have been hundreds of tons of meat to dispose of. There is just no way the holocaust could have happened because the mass tons of jew meat couldn’t have been gone (poof) just like that. These days, when I have to think of fuck wits putting their babies arms out as non-coherent volunteers, I can’t help but think of these parents as those hundreds of tons of useless meat. So, how do we dispose of it all?

      1. Spot on. How can “6 million” alleged carnal matter leave not ONE iota, not one atom of remains. No one seems to mention the mountains of ashes that would have to be managed. I remember no ariel recon photos of the eeeevil naaazis making a ski resort of these mountains of ashes and ash-boarding on those viciously persecuted innocent jew’s ashes. Its funny how Physics becomes irrelevant in any discussion. “So what about the ashes”, “aaah it was the evil eminating from the evil nazis that made the ashes disappear, never mind the logistical weight of having to keep this operation going flawlessly day and night with absolutely NO problems, no pause, no stop time for repairs or even maintenance. Balls out 1000000% German efficiency! As or what to do with them, that’s easy. There will be no death on our part. Oh no. There will be a giant deep inescapeable pit, where they will labour relentlessly generating electricity by pushing an enormous contraption in a circle. They will be loaned money by us at 666% daily interest, which they will have to pay back.

  4. Pertaining to Life imitating art, have you heard of the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard (RIP)? I would highly recommend him and his work to you. In my opinion he has one of the few final words in what is going on in this place, the works in particular “Simulations” there is a free pdf. I would also recommend his book “Simulacra and simulations”, and any other work by him; his mind is all there when it comes to the nature of what this “reality” is and could be.

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