Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this episode of The Perfect Triangle, Giuseppe, Scorpio, Brutal Honesty, Mallificus & Shaun speak about:

  • Giuseppe is tired of weak minds and rightfully so
  • The globalist liars are lying through their teeth
  • Fauci is a flip flop douche bag that can’t be taken seriously
  • Tired of LGBTQWTF being catered for
  • Is it all jews or not? – The perpetual victim class
  • Giuseppe asks what it was like in Australia when it comes to lock downs
  • Shaun and his Daughter give the big middle finger in the air to the maskers
  • Midnight Oil sucks balls and Giuseppe baits Shaun into ranting and it worked well
  • The homosexual agenda – LGBTQ-KAJHKGAKJGDJKHGD – Enough is enough
  • Mallificus is on the 3rd lock down in his Cornwellian neck of the woods
  • Just dare to tell us to put a mask on – We double dare ya!
  • People are fed up with the BS including the elderly
  • Scorpio: Do NOT allow childhood to be stolen!
  • Read the dictionary front to back and back to front and get your children to do the same
  • Mallificus wants a WTFR thong, but that will be our little secret
  • Book: Hidden Government Paperback – June 3, 2017
  • Bobby Fischer and denouncing judaism
  • Why did Tommy Atkins do what he did?
  • Colin Todd and Candour Magazines
  • Shaun dropped the F-bomb
  • The Alternative Movement VS the Alt-Right – Big difference
  • Homosexuality, transexuality, lesbianism – The Ebonics

And much more…

Press play below on the youtube clip…

By surplus

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Triangle Episode 30 – Guests Shaun Surplus & Mallificus Scott – 05 February 2021”
  1. What a killer set! Shall we take bets on how many seconds it takes the jwtube algorithm to delete the video?

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