Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Mallificus speak about:

  • A song that Shaun’s Mother loved is played due to her passing
  • Death is an illness that can’t be cured and it comes to us all
  • The pig creatures known as jews that have created our problems
  • Elective Surgery = Selective Surgery
  • Audio: Scottish shop keeper stands up for herself against morons
  • Most men these days aren’t the men they make themselves out to be
  • The Cunt of the Week Award Goes to: Mr. Bigmore, Shaun’s landlord
  • Audio: Doctor screws Shaun over because he’s an ape fuck head
  • Audio: Deloris Cahill holding officials accountable
  • Jeanice Barcelo joins the lads for some good discussion about radiation and a little debate
  • Audio: Hospitals-Overwhelmed-TimeTimeAgain
  • All of those that called us kooks are REAPING THE FUCKING WHIRLWIND
  • JimmyX joins in spontaneously and as always he’s very welcomed
  • Marry your horse and then you can have sex with it – Welcome to the new reset – The brave new world
  • Divide and Conquer is in your face on many levels
  • Mallificus the Cornwellian and Shaun the Convict will get in the ring


You can buy Jeanice Barcelo’s books here

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