Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Mallificus & Shaun speak about:

  • Foreigners and Abbos screaming like bitches about the Australian way of life – No Australia day? Eat my arse hairs! Use them as floss mother humper!
  • Happy St. Georges day!
  • Pyrenees dogs & lesbians
  • The world is backwards and upside down
  • The quarter of an hour in Auschwitz
  • A hand NEEDS to be SHAKED! So SHAKE IT you little BITCHES!
  • If you play Russian Roulette you’re a fucking idiot
  • Microscope a spec of dust, or some head lice – Oh ohhhhhh
  • The CUNT(s) of the week award may surprise you! – Suck our arse Anjew Anglin – Suck my balls Lee Rogers! Shame on you both! And I guess you will claim that you were always aware that he was a jew dick sucker!!!! Pussy slut bitches!
  • Shaun got the phone lines running
  • Larry King died and COVID was capitalised in the heading even though the cause of death was unknown
  • French armpit hair and it’s arousal
  • The mainstream are liars as are actors in some way shape and/or form
  • Covid vaccine may be forced, which is against the constitution
  • When people come together, they can make a change – Google car is turned around
  • Shaun’s Mum passes away and Mallificus takes over the show


27 minute video that was played during the show –

Or you can play the audio here:


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6 thoughts on “2021-01-24 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun & Mallificus”
  1. I’ve only listened to the first 3 hours so far but just saw this above – “Shaun’s Mum passes away and Mallificus takes over the show”. Was quite shocking to see that happened while doing the show! My sincere condolences.

    I just had a small request & totally understand if it can’t be fulfilled now. Maybe Mallificus could help if he has access to edit the site? I just wanted to ask if links to important content in the show could be posted with show summaries. Specifically this time I just wanted the link to the video with all of medical people (27 minutes?). That is definitely a very important one that we can pass on to “normies” in our families & circles of friends! Thanks in advance.

      1. Thank you Shaun. I’ve been avoiding being a clone & just spitting out “take care” during this covid BS but in this particular case please take care of yourself & your family & take some time off to grieve properly & recoup. We’re going to need our strength!

  2. “don t look now to israel it might be your homeland”, that is Megadeth , Rust In Peace album, Holy Wats (The Punishment Due)

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