Mon. Jul 26th, 2021

DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER! When Shaun was speaking about time-zones he meant 9:32 AM for the Australian time-zone. Forgive the bourbon behaviour! DISCLAIMER over and OUT!

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Mallificus and Shaun speak about:

  • Discrimination coming from store owners against non mask wearers – Shaun speaks about the local bicycle store employing discrimination
  • The W.H.O. speaks about how people should not wear masks if they do not have flu symptoms
  • Automatic-Doctor-Tellers -Doctors will go out of business
  • The Russian Lada kicks arse
  • Guess who the Cunt of the Week is this week?
  • Awaken with JP – Proof That Lock-downs Are Working!
  • Awaken with JP – If the Pandemic Thinking Was Applied To Everything

And so much banter and tangents as always… It’s Mallificus’ fault!


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