Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

HR 1-2

  • Unstable minded homosexual attacks Shaun’s Daughter and accuses Shelley Tasker of being a conspiracy theorist without substance
  • The fashionable faggot – Every school child wants one
  • Join the Legal Challenge to the UK Govt Lockdown
  • Shaun speaks about his Local MP
  • Mallificus speaks about Shelley Tasker protests
  • WHO (Finally) Admits PCR Tests Create False Positives _ ZeroHedge
  • Parents up in arms over advert showing critically-ill Santa – Cornwall Live
  • Audio: Awaken With JP – My Apology To Facebook


HR 3-4

  • Awaken with JP – Get in touch with the real you
  • Audio: Covid-Joke-Words
  • Audio: MRNA-explained
  • Sydney’s Northern Beaches is now in a three day official lockdown _ 7NEWS – YouTube
  • Audio: Lima Declaration How the UN Ended Australian Sovereignty
  • Vaccines, Fluoride, Chlorine VS River Water


By surplus

3 thoughts on “2020-12-20 Edition of TCTA w/ Mallificus & Shaun”
  1. The world and myself is like imperfect mirrors.
    What a person says in a moment can feed back and forth with others like a fractal of emotions and thoughts in 4 dimensions.

    I remember saying once that “When very, very desperate, go evil… It always worked. But in the long run, remember it tends to backfire”. I said it when someone was trying to get any friend who was also gay, I misinterpreted them as annoying another person near me at the time, and I didn’t help defuse my interactions with them. I got hit in the head for it, but I am unsure who did it. Damn did I hate that person that hit me. And I brobably upset both people, or it could have been a setup. Don’t know.
    But it did get me to listen better and realise that I would have to think different if I confrunted someone I disliked.
    I then started to understand Zen nothing, or thinking in the moment and not just in my head. I had to acknowledge the other and myself in the moment to resolve my conflict. It worked, but I still couldn’t forgive and forget whoever hit me, it still hurt.
    Pain, either emotional or physically when it’s still present in the moment is hard to forget, but it does subside given time, if not life threatening.
    As in retail or community services it good to know when to walk away or call in help. But I do wonder if my behaviour can be in a loop sometimes, and if I can spare a moment, look out side of my home, or try, very sparingly and rarly something random and new, or really be mindfully there in the moment aware of what’s around me. Even let the world itself, not just me, start an interaction.

    Merry Xmas Surplus

    1. I’m not totally sure what your message is here. I don’t know if it’s because I am having my Christmas Eve drinking session or that you’re not making total sense to me personally but I can say this: I’ve been an amateur boxer for 16 years and if somebody hit me and I knew who it was, I would knock the fuck out of them as best I could and make perfectly sure that they knew what pain was. By the sounds of it, you’re suffering ‘dignity pain’. It’s never a good feeling to lose a fight. In boxing, you learn that quickly but you also learn to get over it quicker because losing is bound to happen. Whilst I have not lost a fight per say outside the ring, I have lost a couple IN the ring. One where I lost part of my front tooth not long back. Wasn’t painful, but I look like something the cat dragged in until I get it repaired.

      Stay strong and Merry Christmas to you too mate.

      1. Well the trouble is…, it would help to be a lawer and fighter. If something seems intimidating, should a person stand their ground, walk away or do something clever. I apparently am not always clever, but I tried and at least half succeeded. Hitting back I am not sure would work for me, but it would have felt good if done well, untill the lingering pain set in for a few months or more, which could perpetuate hostility to anothers, or worse in the long run. But at least stand your ground or it may never end. And run Doctor Who if you have to. Just be careful of diceman.

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