Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Mallificus & Shaun speak about:

  • Britain will be almost entirely locked in until Easter _ Daily Mail Online
  • Covid vaccine_ CDC should warn people the side effects from shots won’t be ‘walk in the park’
  • Is a cold 1 of 200 viruses or simply a reaction from being cold? Mallificus believes it’s a virus, Shaun believes it is not. Some good debate and discussion…
  • Audio: BarriingtonDeclaration-Stragedy
  • Audio: LockdownHarm-SunetraGupta
  • Audio: Naval Surgeon speaks about mask myths (Shaun apologises to the lady that sounds like a man)
  • Audio: AwakenWithJP-How To Be More Obedient
  • Audio: AwakenWithJP-What Radical Leftists Are Like Now
  • Audio: Newsreader gets hiccups but keeps going – Perhaps she had Covid-Shitstein
  • Audio: George Carlin talks about germs

And plenty of good banter as usual!


Because it’s all for the GREATER GOOD Ladies and Gents…

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