Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

The (((system))) has gone way too far Ladies and Gents. It seems that we will not be able to travel internationally unless we get a Covid vaccine. So whilst they tell us the vaccine (((may be mandatory))), it is in fact already mandatory.

Out of one side of the (((rulers))) mouths, we are told that we need to get a vaccine for “our safety”. For the (((greater good))). But out of the other side of their filthy frothing, rabid mouths, they are saying, “if you don’t get the vaccine, you may starve to death because you won’t be able to go shopping, for food to eat”. Absolute abominable judaic contradiction all the way! Filthy fucking judaism! Protocols of the learned elders of zion, to the hilt! DISGUSTING!

I once taught my kids to obey the law. Have respect for the law. Not anymore. The whole system has become corrupt and I will now be teaching my children how to break as many laws as they can, undetected. You cops deserve what is coming. And the media will be dealt with swiftly. People are rising up and you will have no hope. Not even when you have to turn on your own Sons and Daughters and by God it will happen! Even your own kids know what the fuck is going on. Even if they ain’t saying it just yet.

30,000 doctors around the world, now signing the declaration, describing how there was NO PANDEMIC! It was simply a bad flu season. If you even want to call it that.

This system is done and dusted. There IS going to be a revolution. It’s just a matter of when. And I don’t think it’s far away.

FUCK YOU QANTAS! Print this out and shove it up your arse! And that’s not coming from me, that’s coming from doctors all around the world. Because believe me when I say, the doctors that are reading this, are nodding profusely!


Spread it far and wide, Ladies and Gentlemen.

By surplus

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