Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

micro$oft (note no caps for microfaggot) – The dog of all companies. Actually, I take that back… Dogs are loyal companions!

Have you ever come to that point where you’re tearing your fucking hair out, because of micro$ofts continuous ape like behaviour?

Have you ever bit a finger off accidentally because you were biting your nails, whilst trying to work out why the fuck something totally out of this world is happening on your computer?

Have you ever kicked a kitten and watched it writhe in pain, just to get some fucking attention from micro$oft, in order to be able to tell them to GET FUCKED and die horribly after being grinded to a pulp in an elevator shaft?!

Have you ever jumped off a cliff after sitting up all night trying to resolve a windoze problem, only to have God send you back to earth, because he hates micro$oft too and wants you to assassinate them Chuck Norris style?

Well, I have done all of these things besides the kitten thing, (my Daughter would kill me) because of the ape like creatures that work for micro$oft.

Enjoy the audio.


By surplus

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