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Well, that was a quick four years! All the hype over Trumps original election campaign seems like only yesterday, yet here we are again with all the same worn out narrative surrounding his re-election that was lapped up by the American public when he was running for office back in 2016. I am talking about the fact that he is supposedly nationalist, anti immigration, the enemy of liberalism blah blah blah …. To add to this we now also have the ‘Q-anon’ phenomenon which is sold as ‘incredible inside information’ regarding the deep state that Trump is battling against, on behalf of his people and, lets not forget, ‘for the good of humanity as a whole’.

Instead of “I wasn’t supposed to be here” its now “They don’t want me here but I’m holding on, for you, the American people”

To coin an Americanism, this is complete baloney! Q is simply a means that enables the masses to accept the truths and half truths that it is churning out so that the public realise and accept the idea that the numerous American administrations, from the top down, may well not just be corrupt, but entirely bereft of any kind of moral statute. To be fair, I don’t doubt that a lot of the proclamations it has made ‘are’ true, but I have no faith whatsoever in the integrity of “Q” it’s self. The acceptance of all those proclamations simply serves to normalise the situational incidents portrayed to the mind of the recipient and therefore programs them with the very helplessness, inaction and even lethargy toward these given anecdotal situations that those in power covet from the American populace as a whole. But don’t worry, Trump will save you from that too…….. Right?

If the ‘so called’ deep state viewed Trump as an enemy of their ambitions, he would never have been elected in the first place, and if by some incredible feat of ingenuity, had he managed to actually get himself into the oval office against the will of such institutionalised power, (A feat he really doesn’t seem capable of by himself in my humble opinion) they would have been rid of him by now by hook or by crook. These people are quite capable of far greater feats of blatant situational engineering while still managing to somehow have their stories gain credence in the public mind, no matter how transparent the lie.

Syria, Afghanistan, ISIS, Gadaffi, Saddam, Weapons of Mass Destruction, 911, The fucking Shoah !?!?!? Please tell me if I am not making sense here, and by the way, I notice people are still wearing MAGA hats and t-shirts. Surely America should already be well on its way to being ‘Great Again’ by now. It’s been four years! Germany managed it completely in six, simply by kicking out the bankers! The same bankers that are now succeeding in collapsing their fake world financial system under the most recent and blatant of all frauds, COVID-19, as a means to further enslave us all. An enslavement the likes of which has never been seen on this earth. An enslavement to which Trump is proactively complicit !!

My prediction is that Trump will win this coming election because he serves the purpose of dividing the people while appealing to the nationalist tendencies so inherent in a greater number of the American populace. This, more than likely, will be used as an excuse to cause massive unrest across the country, (at least this is the narrative that the main stream media are currently fermenting in the public eye.) despite the fact the other candidate ‘Biden’ was not only responsible for penning the infamous ‘Patriot Act’, an act that has been inflicted on, and curtails, the basic human freedoms of the American people, but he is so grievously retarded with senility that the only real reason anyone would vote for him at all, would be out of bloody minded spite!!

To further emphasise the point, below is an article that I wrote back in 2018 just one year after Trump had been inaugurated. It was kindly published by the AK Chesterton Trust in Candour magazine* I still stand by all I said back then. I also hope I have made it clear to you, the reader, that nothing has changed and won’t change until those same bankers are kicked out! From everywhere! But that won’t be possible unless we, as sovereign peoples of our respective nations all forget our petty differences and stand up in unison against these bastards!

*(Issue 870 Candour Vol. 76, #7 dated February 2018)

President Trumpstein Sold His Soul to the Devil Long Ago.

One must admit that it is completely understandable how anyone with even the slightest of patriotic leanings would have chosen Donald Trump over the hypocritical Hillary Clinton, whom having previously supported her own husbands philandering antics was hardly in a position to attack her opponents track record regarding women with any ardour. At the time, Trumps election was a hotbed of controversy but on balance his campaign winning speeches about “Making America Great Again” focused on putting American nationals and businesses first and the proposed ‘turfing out’ of illegal aliens served well to harness an instinct that, under normal circumstances, the powers that be, have striven to suppress in the general populace of most countries, to make all but forgotten outside of a subconscious notion. That is until, evidently, it suits their own ends.

That instinct is one of self preservation, that charity begins at home and that getting your own house in order should be the overwhelming first priority, be it for the home or the State. Put your own interests first, produce for yourself first, then and ‘only then’ are you in a position to help your neighbours should they request it. So on face value no-one can deny that even Trumps most controversial election policies and some of the policies introduced since he took office have been rooted in this collective survival instinct inherent in all sovereign nations and peoples. This subconscious, and needless to say, righteous notion is the primary and only motivational tool really necessary for leading the people to what ever ends be sought by those in power, whether that be to war in a foreign land or simply directing subversive or permissive agenda furthering policies at home. All such political battles are won on the premise of so-called freedoms of moralistic value in order that the voters can be swayed or feel justified in their decision.

Countless times during his campaign interviews with the mainstream media, he used the mantra “they weren’t expecting this to happen” & “I wasn’t meant to be here” Which of course couldn’t be further from the truth, but this idea further instilled in the public mind that this candidate was different from all the others. I have no doubt that those behind organising his election campaign saw that the timing was damn near perfect to marry it’s self with the public opinion that yet another American president had turned out to be a complete failure for the people, just like the previous Bush administration, and after such hyped erm.. ‘high’ hopes too. Obama Care? Anyone?

I am sure there are some Trump supporters out there reading this enthusiastically shouting “Yeah!” that may well have not yet understood my sentiments entirely. Even though I agree with most of the reasoning and sentiment behind his voting supporters and resulting presidency. I make no bones in stating that Trump is not a supporter of the American people. Trump is a supporter of the financial elite that put him in office and nothing more. I said quite openly on local BBC radio last year that “No-one goes bankrupt that many times and manages to claw their way up to the presidency of the good old U S of A without a little help from elsewhere!” This statement was met with stony silence by the presenter of the show, but sadly this is the fundamental truth of the matter.

Trump is a puppet, just the same as all the other American Presidents I can think of in the last hundred years, and if in some sudden moment of sincere moral impetus, Trump decides to go against his keepers wishes, he will end up knocking at the pearly gates whilst comparing notes with JFK! In fact, Benjamin Freedman’s famous 1961 speech at the Willard Hotel* unwittingly shed an interesting shard of light on the potential reasoning behind the thirty fifth presidents assassination despite the fact that he was very much alive and kicking at the time this information was imparted. These people don’t mess about when it comes to such conscientious discrepancies and will tolerate little deviation from their agenda, let alone challenges to their influence. As such they place no value on the lives of their puppets let alone that of the general populace. Dissenting voices beware!

It is interesting to note that its now a reasonably well known fact, at least to those who have taken time to study the issue, that Adolf Hitler in his rise to power was initially funded by and co-operated with the Zionists in Berlin. Woe be tied any former Mayor of London mentioning this! There is no doubt in my mind that Mr Trump can be viewed in the same light, the only difference being that some time after it’s ascendancy, the national socialist government made a mockery of their banking system and kicked them out along with their other over represented peoples. Now don’t go all sentimental on me and begin reciting the big long list of ‘horrible facts’ we know about Hitler. We have all had no choice but to learn them in school! The only comparison I wish to make is the fact that members of Trumps own family are married into these elite circles and the idea that he moves in favour of the state of Israel above all else should speak volumes to all with a discerning mind.

I’ll show you politics in America. Here it is, right here. “I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs.” “I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking.” “Hey, wait a minute, there’s one guy holding out both puppets!” “Shut up! Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control.

Comedian Bill Hicks 1961 – 1994

We heard first, that Russian interference had a hand in the demise of Hillary Clinton’s campaign disaster to Trumps benefit, but in recent weeks we have heard about how Mark Zuckerberg’s flagship ‘Facepest’ (I genuinely think that I have spelled that correctly) has had its database exploited in order to help Trump win !? Are we to believe one or the other? The answer is…..Drum Roll…..

Probably BOTH!

“Oh!” you may well cry “Russia is the aggressor! Look at the recent poisoning incident that took place in the UK & look at what they are doing in Syria! Nasty old Russians eh? Yet, has anyone seen any definitive proof that Russia was responsible for this alleged poison attack? No, of course not! Surely if the Russian state had wanted these people dead, they would be! Instead, last I hear, at least one of the ‘poisoned’ was actually giving an interview to the press! Can’t the Russians get one simple job done without causing international spectator-ship? Now, in an astounding show of solidarity in light of the Brexit vote, the E.U. has joined the UK in condemnation of this phoney situation with Russian diplomats being expelled left, right and centre under the pretext of “no evidence what so ever”. Please! I grow weary of the charade!

On the same count, you will remember that I mentioned earlier about helping your neighbours should they request it. In Syria, what right do the western powers hold that allows intervention over a sovereign nation in this way? Or in Russia’s case, why didn’t Putin put direct pressure on the US government or the British in order to back up his ally? Syria can therefore be considered a war by proxy which actually only serves one national interest and it doesn’t take any kind of genius to work out that the national interest being served is neither American nor Russian, let alone British. Coupled with that particular and unfortunately common deafening silence concerning the elephant in the room, The resulting terrible conditions created by the conflict also serves to help a whole load of unwanted and probably for the most part, unwilling refugees to flood into European cultural states which ‘just so happens’ to further the Kalergi Plan. Coincidence? I don’t bloody think so!

Forgive me if I consider both countries to be ‘on the pay roll’ of international finance regardless of how their leaders squabble with each other in the kind of tit for tat, point scoring process that satisfies the media and the gullible populace. This is not to suggest that both men don’t wholeheartedly believe in their actions, for in practice there is no beneficial reason that necessitates these figureheads being party to this realisation, indeed their ignorance is beneficial to those who truly hold power. In any case, a leader will only act upon their own advisors assertions. The overall picture however betrays the fact that these two countries are well and truly ‘occupied’ from within, sadly, much like our own.

Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand


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