Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Recently Ladies and Gents, I was in a debate about parenting and how many parents these days are bringing up little Nancy’s. One of those in this particular gaming forum, argued that there are laws that say what our children can see, whether it be what games they play or even movies.

Well, there are some things parents can’t do. There are laws. If there are no laws in your country that prohibit parents showing children mature content then lucky you. Otherwise, do not risk your parenting.

By mature content, he means violence in gaming and movies. Needless to say, I had something to say about this.

Ahhh the cornerstone of raising a little Nancy-boy. Screw the laws. I agree that we need to make a boys into men and girls into ladies again, because “the laws” as you call them, have taken that out of us. Kids do define the difference naturally, but as said here, they need some guidance between fiction and non-fiction and then fantasy.

People are raising little Mary’s these days. Once upon a time girls went out and picked berries almost all day with their mothers. It gave the mother time to educate them on a womans hard work and female sexual understanding. Men took their boys out wood chopping and hunting, so that the boys could understand a mans hard work and they too would discuss the importance of sexuality. etc etc… These days it’s all been taken away, because of little fairy minded princesses like Zero here that will agree 110% with everything his government tells him, because the mainstream media said so.

Somebody in this thread somewhere, said something like, “oh look out, we have a couple of tough guys here” and you’re damn right you have a couple of tough guys here. I am 16 years in amateur boxing as a feather weight and had my Son in training under a middle weight trainer by the time he was 11. I personally taught my Daughter self defense because of what is taking place in this day and age.

Your “laws” protect the rapists and the murderers and those that beat on girls on subways and at the same time they rob you of teaching your family right from wrong. I’d much rather my Daughter seeing what the world is like via GTAV or RDR2, so that she knows what she’s up against out in the real world, rather than the rest of these parents, molly-coddling them and hiding them away from it all.

Archer801 is right. We know what our children are capable of. The system and/or “the laws” do NOT! They only know strict control of the masses. And for those of you that want to say, “this is why we have mass murders, is because kids play these games”, that’s a load of hog wash! The same could be said about children watching half the crap on netflix these days, should the child not have supervision or guidance. Did you watch the Simpsons as a child? I bet most of you did. And your parents should have been there to help you understand the adult mechanisms in that cartoon.

My children have been playing all kinds of games like these since they were knee high to a grasshopper and they are well thought, well mannered, respectful people, both socially and at home, mentally and physically. They’re not people that want to murder rape or pillage and they are not people that run off to strip clubs and whore themselves out, as those in GTAV do. They KNOW the difference. If a child grows into a person that murders somebody, then there was more than likely something seriously wrong in the head of that child to begin with. As the saying goes, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and unless it’s self defense, it takes a seriously disturbed person to shoot somebody.

“The law” does not have the privilege to bring my child up, I do!

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